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Residential Interior Design

What makes the best Residential Interior Designer in Mumbai?

Whether You Are Looking For A Complete One-Point Solution Provider For The Interior Design And Decoration Of Your New Home Or Want To Redesign And Renovate Your Existing Home Or Even If It Is Just A New Part For Your Home, Our Interior Designers Are Sure To Suit Every Interior Style And Budget. Are The Right Fit.

We At Vehana Interiors Strongly Believe That Homes Should Be Made Of Things That You Love To See Around Yourself While Also Being Functional To Suit Your Lifestyle And That Is Why Your Requirements And Personal Fashion Are A Really Perfect Manual For Us.

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In Reality, As Designers Who’ve The Attention For Splendor In Home Interiors, We Often Encounter Homes Which Might Be Designed In Simple Terms Out Of Love And Admiration For Sure Indoors Patterns, Designs, Hues, Styles And Those Homes Are Constantly Beautiful Regardless Of Time And Vicinity. Interior Design For Different Parts Of Your Home Such As Living Room, Dining Room, Kitchen, Bedroom, Bathroom, Foyer, Children’s Room And Balcony. There Can Be Different Styles And Looks, We Will Make Sure That They Complement Each Other Perfectly And Come Together Beautifully. Our Ability To Do Precisely This For Every And Each Customer Of Ours Is What Makes Us One Of The Main Top Pleasant Residential Interior Designers In Mumbai.

Why Choose Vehana Interiors

Professional Design Team

Professional Design Team Your home should be designed according to your style and choice and also contemporary.It should suit your lifestyle and fulfil all your requirements.

Choice of Materials and Finishes

We help you choose classic and timeless designs and finishes so that your interior design doesn’t quickly go out of style.


It is possible to get the desired look for your home even for a limited budget. Our designer will recommend the fine substances and finishes inside your budget concerns.

Hassle-Free Execution

We make sure that our content selection and design approval processes are aligned with your time schedule and availability as much as possible.

On-time Completion

It is important to design a home with perfect workmanship, but we also believe that execution must be completed on time so that it does not impose an additional burden on our clients when their stay is adjusted while waiting for interior work.

Quality Assurance

We use only optimal and high quality content and provide full-answer service. For exterior and branded fixtures, a certified company guarantee is included.

Ready To Start New Project With Vehana Interiors?

Our professional team of designer and engineer will help you to build and design your projects.

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